Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hola, I'm back! Time flies, like really really fast. I just felt like I was graduated from high school yesterday yet it's a year already. There's a good and bad thing of time ticking so fast. The good thing is that I'm nearer to my future path however the bad thing is am I gonna survive for these few years ahead?! How I wish that I could skip from high school life directly to the working life. Luckily one thing that I'd been fearing doesn't exist. I get to know some people whom I can talk to so the life there won't be bored like I've ever imagined.thanks to their accompany for the whole time, and yes also for them being so understanding especially with my cannot-wake-up-early matter haha.

happy belated birthday boy!

Rewinding the past year reminds me of a phrase that i couldn't get a conclusion,neither now nor in the past,which till now remains unknown.that's why people say some words are better left unspoken lol.

Fyi,here is the song MAPS by Maroon5 that I'm currently addicted to, and lost stars by Adam Levine for sure :)


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