Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brand New Day

Hola, I'm back. Just realize that I've stopped blogging for months alrd, I kinda miss typing and spilling my heart here. 
First thing I shd tell. I've graduated from the high school which means I'm getting older hahaha hopefully will be more mature. Although the university life is still months later but since the high school ended,my life totally has several changes as well. Idk these changes suppose to be called as the good one or on the contrary, I feel like evrythg changes,including relationship. Possibly I just think too much or I'm just afraid, yet the gut feeling really says so. Sometimes I wish that high school would never end and evrythg gotta be fine though I knew it was impossible. Hopefully as the time passes by my gut feeling will be proven wrong and evrythg will remain the same.Love y'all.

Maroon 5 - Love Somebody 


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