Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy new year bloggers, hope each day of 2013 be blessed with good health and luck  :)

Suppose to say that I begin this 2013 with big hugs and kisses from those lovely people. Even from my big bro who has rarely celebrated new year with us since couple years ago. But he's back to town to spend his holidays before starting his new days of not being a student anymore ( Good luck bro! ) 
For the new year's resolutions, first , I just wish that I can have more control over my emotion , okay I acknowledge that I'm a bit bad tempered if comparing with sist but I've been controlling myself and I guess I've made much improvement. Second, hopefully I can decide what's the best for my future. Third , ahh this one suppose to be a secret shhhh! 

take a look here, these things may be your 
new year's resolutions, too!

Let me spill the beans, one of my last year's resolutions is to find a way to vent my anger and guess what I did found a way. Yes, writing really can vent it away, not only anger but also frustration or whatsoever. You guys may try this way,too.

Maroon 5 - One More Night + Move Like Jagger - The GRAMMY Nominations Concert live -2012 


cheer up always,

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